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What can I cook in 10 minutes? 10-minute meals recipes

No time to prepare a meal? No worries as these meal recipes will help you be eating in no time. Preparing a meal always requires an ample amount of time...

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What's the Best Vegetable to Eat Everyday?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, best of the best? It means that an entity is the best among the rest of its constituents. It applies to all things,...

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10 Best Soups In Singapore to Warm your Tummy this Rainy Season

Nothing can get you cozier when it is raining and your family is cooking something savory, broth-ly, and warm soups. During the rainy season, it is common to make dishes...

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12 Fuss-Free Air-Fryer Recipes to make this weekend

Ready to enjoy your weekend nights? Make it more enjoyable with the use of an Air-fryer! This simple and easy-to-use kitchen equipment can cook anything from snacks, meat, and fish,...

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15 Foods with More Fiber Than an Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.  Have you ever heard of that proverb? Probably yes, since it’s well known, especially among children. But do you want to know...

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Anti-aging Superfoods for your Brain

What does it feel like being young all the time plus a healthy brain? You must be gifted if you have these personalities! You know what they say, a healthy...

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Best and Worst Foods for Cholesterol Intake

Too much is too much.  Our body always has its limitations, and having “too much” can either result in a good or bad situation, whatever the circumstances are. Cholesterol is...

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What are the Long-Lasting Fruits and Vegetables I should buy for the Covid-19 Quarantine?

Being sick is really a headache, and catching Covid-19 is really a problem in today’s society. This pandemic has made a huge impact on the lives of many in terms...

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The 20 Healthiest Fruits to Eat Often

Fruits are always a good source of vitamins and minerals. Just like vegetables, there are many varieties of fruits on the market you can choose from. The question is, which...

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