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Crabs: One of Singapore’ Local Dish

Singapore is a country that is rich with different cultures, especially in food. From satay to fish head curry, Singapore's cuisine culture highlights a selection of the Indian, Malay, Chinese, and Peranakan foods that characterize the country's flavor. Singapore food culture demonstrates that more is more, even more so when a melting pot of cultures has contributed to the decades-long evolution of palates.


One of the culinary pride of Singapore are crabs.


Crabs are water creatures that have five pairs of legs and a spherical, flat body that is covered in a shell or consumed for food. In Singapore, renowned restaurants keep all seafood alive in tanks until it is ordered, ensuring a very fresh catch on the table. Nobody has to worry about eating crabs that will give them “traveler's diarrhea” since the city state has excellent standards of sanitation in the kitchen.


Moreover, As Singapore is renowned for its seafood, it becomes one of the local dishes that Singaporeans love together with meat, rice, noodles, dessert, and snacks. From hawker stalls to five-star hotels, seafood is plentiful. Crabs are a common seafood item in Singapore and locals even eat it on normal days and even as a street food.


One will find different types of crabs in Singapore such as the Alaskan King Crabs, Snow Crabs, Hairy Crabs, and Sri Lankan Mud Crabs. These crabs can be used for different types of cooking where Singaporeans devour and savour.


The following are the cooking style Singapore’ prefer for Crabs:


  1. Chilli Crabs


While this meal may seem intimidating, it may easily be customized to suit one's taste preferences. The chilli crab sauce is often made with a combination of chilli sauce, tomato sauce, and egg to thicken it and give it a gooey, stringy feel.


  1. Pepper Crabs


There are variations with black or white pepper, although the majority of Singaporeans prefer the former. Although this crab is served dry, with little sauce, the sweet, juicy meat of the crab contrasts starkly with the tart pepper coating, and that is all that is required.


  1. Salted Egg Yolk Crabs

Crab cooked with a mixture of salted egg yolk, curry, chili, milk, and pepper is this culinary favorite. As an outcome, delicious crab is encased in a thick, gritty yolk. The sharpness of curry ensures that you will not get tired of it too fast.


  1. Steamed Crab  

A traditional Chinese meal which has a clean, clear flavor and is quite simple to consume. It's an excellent way to begin any meal since it cleanses the palette.


There are even additional or side dishes given when eating crabs such as Drunken Prawns, Fried Buns, Sambal Kang Kong, and Mango Pudding. So one shouldn’t forget to also eat these to enjoy the more delicious and savoury crabs.


All in all, crab is such a vital part of Singaporean culture that residents and visitors alike should make a point of consuming it on a regular basis.

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