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Must TRY Premium Seasonal fruits for the month of Spring from Japan

            Spring is just around the corner after the winter season in Japan. It marks the beginning of the year when the streets are covered in green leaves and pink sakura. This means it’s time to indulge oneself in the premium seasonal fruits cultivated and harvested for the Spring season.


Japan has four seasons in one year. It includes Spring (March to May), Summer (June to August), Autumn (September to November), and Winter (December to February). Each season includes premium fruits that are high in demand during that season. However, have you ever wondered why do fruits in Japan are called Premium fruits?


Japan has a scarcity of arable land, with just 12% of its area dedicated to agriculture. Additionally, since Japanese fruit orchards are tiny and the cost of living is high, they must cultivate superior items that command a premium price in order to offset the high cost of living.


In addition, Japan is renowned for its costly but delectable fruits. In Japan, fruits are produced with great care and attention, which results in very juicy, flavorful, and visually appealing fruits. Need a guide on what fruits you must TRY during the Spring Season? Check out below what fruits can you enjoy this upcoming Spring.


  1. Strawberries


Japanese strawberries are world-famous, they are the world’s top producers. There are many varieties of strawberries in Japan, and they are all delicious, delectable, and worth the price. Usually, the larger and tastier the strawberry, the higher the price. Japanese strawberries are attractive in color and shape.


When spring approaches, department shops show strawberry varieties including Tochiotome (from Tochigi) and Amaou (from Fukuoka, the name combines ama, "sweet," and ou, "king"). The luxurious white strawberries known as "Hatsukoi no Kaori" are also a rare treat (Scent of First Love).


In Singapore, Strawberries are the best Spring fruit, and are available from March until late summer. Strawberry is the world's most renowned berry. One will enjoy the natural taste and flavor of strawberries in Singapore.


  1. Plum Blossoms


            In Japan, plum blossoms mark the arrival of spring, and one will soon find plum-flavored delicacies everywhere. At festivals and in department shops and supermarkets, one will discover some fresher plum items; take home jams, syrups, and dried plums.


  1. Fuji Apple


Fuji apples account for half of Japan's fruit output. This fruit has a good texture and a pleasant blend of sweet and sour tastes. Fuji Apples are available all year, which means one can enjoy them during the Spring season, although their peak season is November through December.


  1. Mikan Oranges


Mikan oranges are small, delicate Japanese citrus fruits that peel easily. Usually popular house gardens. In addition, Mikan oranges are so easy to peel that you can eat hundreds of them without noticing.


  1. Kiwi Fruits


Kiwi sold in Japan are remarkably similar to those sold everywhere in the globe. The fruit has a thin, hairy, brown skin on the outside and a juicy, green, sour meat on the inside. Generally, kiwis are eaten raw with the skin removed. While domestic kiwi is in season from late winter to early spring, imported kiwi is accessible all year.


Although the kiwi fruit originated in China, it was never extensively farmed there, and it was not until the twentieth century that it was introduced to and successfully produced in New Zealand. Kiwi were introduced to Japan in the 1960s and have since grown in popularity. While some kiwi fruits are now cultivated locally, the bulk are imported from New Zealand.

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