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Online Grocery for Chinese New Year in Singapore

There are two (2) types of people regarding grocery shopping - those who love and hate it.


Grocery shopping is the act of purchasing food, both fresh or packaged. It also contains fresh fruit, meat, dairy, bread items, and canned, frozen, and prepared meals. Grocery shopping also includes purchasing a home, medical, and personal grooming supplies. When one does their grocery shopping, it involves time and effort to look for the items on their list and wait in line for the payment of the goods. That is why people love and hate it, depending on their preferences in doing groceries.


Luckily, technology has paved the way over the decades and has given more options for Singaporeans to do their grocery shopping. mentioned that Singapore is a mature market that quickly adopts new technology, applications, and solutions. A world-class, secure, and robust 5G infrastructure will support the digital economy on the horizon. As one of the world's most interconnected nations, Singapore is a voracious consumer of data and technology.


With the advanced technological adaptation of Singapore, it became more accessible for the developers to create websites for online grocery shopping that those impatient to wait in line physically can enjoy and love.


In addition, highlighted the benefits of online grocery shopping such as home delivery, same prices from the in-store, discount or vouchers, less cost on gas, and parking fee. In addition, it can also save one’s time as they can browse the websites at their own pace, no more walking back and forth when one forgot an item and of course, one can avoid the long lines of in-store shops especially when there are special events such as the Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year, also known as Lunar New Year, is a 15-day celebration celebrated worldwide in China and Chinese communities. Since the mid-1990s, Chinese workers have had seven days off for the festival.


Before the festival, Singaporeans make sure that they have food on their table when the festival arrives as they tie up symbolism to every cuisine that is served during the celebration. However, this is a big celebration. This means that people will surely go out and buy, making the grocery shops crowded. In addition, this can also affect the grocery shopping experience of the people.


That is why online grocery shopping is vital for people, especially nowadays, where Singaporeans are careful not to catch the CoVID-19 virus.


“The Covid-19 pandemic has driven the market and led to major shifts in consumer spending in the past 12 months. More than half (54%) of Singaporeans spent more on groceries in the past 12 months. The grocery sector is one to watch. The grocery boom is poised to continue, with 9 in 10 consumers expecting to spend the same or more on groceries in the upcoming year.” - Harry, R.


Singaporeans see online grocery shopping with the following benefits by Roc Harry that have established their preferences.


  1. Options. Options.


With the industry focusing on speed and safety, customers of all ages are increasingly willing to install apps and use delivery and pickup services to reduce encounters and avoid lines. Consumers may now purchase groceries online and pick them up in-store or have them delivered.


  1. Bridging the Gap


Online grocery shopping involves numerous sales channels and touchpoints to achieve a smooth consumer experience while reducing costs and security concerns. But it wasn't always so. To meet customer demand for seamless online-offline experiences, food retailers must prioritize the appropriate logistical partners from supply chain to consumer. This includes shipping requests and pick-up systems like click-and-collect.


In addition, online grocery stores in Singapore include Amazon Fresh, which offers free 2-hour same-day delivery for purchases above a specific amount. "Meet a rapidly rising population of customers who like the speed and convenience of online grocery shopping," says GrabSupermarket, which launched earlier this year in cooperation with HAO.

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  1. Smart payments


The drive for speed extends to the payment procedure for supermarket shopping. Payments are now made online and using contactless technology. As per the Generation Pay study, contactless payment is simpler and more convenient for Singaporeans.


  1. Moving forward


The outbreak has expedited grocery's transition. Consumers want on-demand, tailored services, and quick and easy payments. To succeed in the next decade of grocery development, retailers must meet rising consumer expectations and develop a business model to keep up with the pace of the market.


That’s why Singaporeans prefer to buy goods online as they are offering effective energy innovations that will save the individual from being tired and exhausted.


Moreover, one of the largest populations of the Chinese community in Southeast Asia is in Singapore, and buyers from this market has usually an omnichannel behavior. It means that they have varieties of ways to look for their wants and need - may it be shopping in-store, on websites, marketplaces.


During Chinese New Year, the products that are mostly bought by people, especially in Singapore, are food and clothing items. They usually prefer now to buy these things online due to convenience and easy price comparison.


With the ever-changing preference of the consumers regarding their shopping experience, all business owners shall be prepared to adapt to these changes efficiently and effectively.

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