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Which varieties of Durians are considered the Hot favorites in Singapore

Which varieties of Durians are considered the Hot favorites in Singapore.


"But words fail; there is no other fruit like it." —Thomas Fuller, New York Times Journalist.


Have you ever eaten any fruit over your lifetime? What kind of fruits do you prefer to eat, and what are their characteristics? Is it its appearance? Taste? Appearance? Or even its odor.? Specifically, there is one fruit that has been considered in the world as the "king of fruit," as let us find out together why it is considered the hot favorites in Singapore.


In its botanical meaning, Fruits refers to an ovary that has matured and ripened, as well as the contents of the ovary. There are several varieties of fruit, ranging from dry to succulent, dehiscent (splitting open) to indehiscent, and single to many-seeded.


In addition, numerous items frequently referred to be vegetables are fruits, e.g., eggplant, green beans, okra, and, yes, tomatoes. Technically, fruits comprise various items typically referred to as nuts, i.e., walnut, sunflower seed, peanut, chestnut, acorn, and even coconut.


Besides that, fruits include certain spices (vanilla bean, chili pepper, fennel seeds, black pepper, coriander), melons and squash (including cucumber, pumpkin, and watermelon), the majority of berries (blueberry, cranberry, gooseberry), and grains (corn, wheat, and rice), which are primarily composed of seed but also contain ovary tissue.


Singapore is a stunning nation to visit. There are several places to explore with year-round tropical weather, simple transportation, and lots of fantastic shopping. However, one item that has consistently ranked relatively high on what makes Singapore excellent is the cuisine. There is an infinite number of restaurants to sample, from fine dining to street-side sellers; a true gourmet will be in culinary nirvana. Singapore's fruit is also an excellent experience for the locals as well as the for the tourists.


The most popular fruits in Singapore are the Lychee, Chiku, and the Durian.


The term durian is derived from the Malay word for the spike, duri. It is often used to refer to the whole fruit, but it may also apply to the durian meat that we eat and the tree.


In general, Durian may reach a maximum length of 30 centimeters (12 in) and a diameter of 15 centimeters (6 in), and it usually weighs between one and three kilos (2 to 7 lb). The form of the Durian varies from oblong to circular, the color of the husk from green to brown, and the flesh from light yellow to red, depending on the species. Five or six yellow-white, yellow, or golden yellow creamy custardy pulp segments are contained inside the husk.


Durian is referred to as the king fruit because of the distinctive spikes surrounding its soft and delicious flesh, like a monarch crown. Second, Durian is an incredibly unusual fruit with a

flavor and look that creates a lasting impact on practically everyone who has eaten or seen it. No other fruit comes close to its distinctive form, aroma, or flavor.


A visit to Singapore would be incomplete without sampling the iconic durian fruit. Durian is an odd-looking fruit with prickly skin and creamy flesh on the interior. Most people are familiar with this fruit due to its overpowering aroma. This fruit has such a powerful scent that it is even prohibited from consuming public transportation. Durian's flavor is unique as well, and it's often a flavor that grows on you rather than one that you fall in love with immediately. Durian may be consumed raw or prepared as a dessert ingredient. It is initially founded in Southeast Asia countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, China, etc.


There are different varieties of Durian in the World. But in Singapore, these five (5) are considered the most popular or hot favorites.


  1. Mao Shan Wang aka Musang King, Butter Durian


Mao Shan Wang is a popular kind of Durian, sometimes referred to as the 'crème de la crème' among durians. It is claimed to be the most nutrient-dense and flavorful Durian ever cultivated. It is often more costly because it is a premium class durian. To recognize a Mao Shan Wang, check for the characteristic star form on the fruit's bottom.


  1. D24 aka Sultan


This was the most famous durian variety in the 1990s. It features light yellow meat and clusters of thorns on its greenish-yellow shell. They are characterized by a creamy texture and a pronounced bittersweet flavor.


  1. XO


The XO durian is harsh because of its well-known alcohol flavor. Its flavor is developed during a lengthy period of fermentation inside the shell. It is often smaller in size, with a brownish-green husk. The flesh is thin and watery, with a very light yellow color.


  1. Golden Phoenix, aka Jin Feng


The Golden Phoenix is a pale-hued durian with very tender and moist flesh. It is also cheaper than the Mao Shan Wang due to its smaller size. Generally, the flavor is sweet, bitter, creamy, and somewhat less pungent than Mao Shan Wang.


  1. Red Prawn aka Hong Xia


For those with a sweet craving, the Red Prawn durian is ideal. The texture is creamy, and the flavor is fruity and sweet. The shells are heavy and difficult to open, with

a dark brown hue. The color of the flesh is somewhat unusual since it is often orange to red in tint.


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