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Curry Leaf 200g - SGWetMarket
Curry Leaves have an aroma reminiscent of curry and citrus fruit, with a slight and very mild bitter after taste. They look somewhat like very small leaves from a lemon tree (if you've ever seen those leaves.) They are long for their size, narrowing to a point. Curry Leaves come from a plant called "Murraya koenigii.”
Pandan Leaf 300g - SGWetMarket
Pandan leaf is long, thin, narrow, and green.The leaves have a rose like, almond, and milky sweet, vanilla-like flavor. The dried leaves have no flavor. The flowers are golden yellow and have a fragrant, strong, and sweet aroma
Lemongrass 300g - SGWetMarket
Lemongrass, Cymbopogon citratus, is a perennial grass in the family Poaceae grown for its fragrant leaves and stalks which are used as a flavoring. The grass grows in dense clumps and has several stiff stems and slender blade-like leaves which droop towards the tips.
Peanuts- Small - Xiao Hua Sheng 500g - SGWetMarket
Peanut, Arachis hypogaea, is an herbaceous annual plant in the family Fabaceae grown for its oil and edible nuts.Peanut plants are small, usually erect, thin stemmed plants with feather-like leaves. ...Peanut may also be referred to as groundnut, monkey nut or earth nut and originates from South America.
Bulan Loin Rib 500 grams - SGWetMarket
Bulan Pork Loin Rib is a cut of the pork in the rib area including the ribcage. Great for soups and stir fry.
Bulan Minced Pork(猪碎肉) 300 grams - SGWetMarket
Fresh Bulan Minced Pork is a combination of lean meat and fat from any part of a pig. It can be ground finely or coarsely, and like ground beef, depending on the amount of fat in it, it can be regular, lean, extra lean, etc. ... You can grind your own from any pork shoulder cut.
Bulan Pork Belly(三层肉) 500 grams - SGWetMarket
Pork belly are the cut of pork that comes from the belly of a pigPork belly were previously traded in the futures market, as they are important components of meat products, such as bacon.
Bulan Pork Fillet or Gentleman's Cut, is a long thin cut of pork. As with all quadrupeds, thetenderloin refers to the psoas major muscle along the central spine portion, ventral to the lumbar vertebrae.
Pork loin is a cut of meat from a pig, created from the tissue along the dorsal side of the rib cage.
Bulan Pork Prime Rib(猪排骨) 500 grams - SGWetMarket
Bulan Pork Prime Rib is a center cut, bone-in roast from the loin section of the hog. Think of it as the baby back ribs with loin still attached. Most of the time you'll see it trimmed into a Crown Roast in the butcher case, but I like to cook it as a whole roast.
Bulan Spare Rib(猪笼骨) 700 grams - SGWetMarket
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