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Our founder's mission is to bring you the freshest ingredients which consists of premium high-quality products such as mouth-watering seafoods and healthiest fruits. We prepare and pack your orders with a touch of love to show how much we care. Expect to receive first class quality of food that will keep you coming back for more.

Our company mission is to always deliver fresh and best quality products direct to our customers. 

Since 1985, Chan Ah Beng Trading has been providing customers with fresh groceries such as fresh organic/non-organic vegetables flown in from Australia, China, Malaysia and Indonesia daily. People have ever since trusted us for our quality of products and devout years of service.

We are challenging the status quo by incorporating new technologies in how we do our business and one facet of this is online delivery. We want to optimize this leverage to reach a wider portion of the market and scale at a more viable channel because we want to be closer to you so we can provide you, the customer, with the best option.

Chan Ah Beng Trading is dedicated to source for the best quality produce at affordable prices in order to benefit our customers from different races in Singapore.

This year 2021, Chan Ah Beng Trading is taking the business online so that more people can readily premium groceries such as fresh seafoods, mouth-watering fruits and premium dried goods direct from us. Hence, we created BestFreshMart, a one stop online premium groceries marketplace, providing quality fresh vegetables and premium high standard meats and seafoods for our customers.
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