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FRESH AUSTRALIAN ORANGE CHERRY TOMATO. They are very sweet and flavourful. Perfect for salads, garnishes, or culinary creations.
FRESH AUSTRALIAN GOLDEN PUMPKIN. The light orange flesh inside is sweet and finely textured. Harvest in 75 to 95 days from planting.
Baby Sweet Potato Leaves - Xiao Fan Shu Ye 400g - SGWetMarket
Yam leaves or sweet potato leaves are a healthy, delicious, under-rated vegetable that you can find at more and more Asian grocery.
Chinese Lettuce - Local Shen Cai 400g - SGWetMarket
Celtuce, otherwise known in English as stem lettuce, asparagus lettuce, celery lettuce, or Chinese lettuce, and in Chinese called wosun, is a green vegetable that, you've probably surmised, comes from China. It's got leaves, but the stem is the main attraction.
Xiao Lao Po Cai 600g - SGWetMarket

Local Xiao Lao Po Cai 400g

Appearance. The winged bean plant grows as a vine with climbing stems and leaves, 3–4 m (9.8–13.1 ft) in height. It is an herbaceous perennial, but can be grown as an annual. It is generally taller and notably larger than the common bean.
Japanese Cut Slice Pumpkin 日本板栗南瓜 450g

Japanese Pumpkin 日本板栗南瓜

Local Xiao Nai Bai 400g - SGWetMarket

Hong Kong Nai Bai 400g

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